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I have not had any pain in my knee since I have seen you on Sunday, first time in several months. I have been taking some very strong pain killers and looking at the possibility of surgery.... Last week was truly the worst week I have had in my life. I spent more time crying in my car than ever before. I am usually the most positive person but I had become completely overwhelmed with pain.... I have not slept well in months. Your session on Sunday was a Miracle and a gift. I am smiling again and sleeping like I have not in years. You are an amazing healer. I can't thank you enough.....
     —Janna Woods (Cupertino, CA)

This session created a powerful, safe space for me to heal from a sudden shock. I had just learned of the death of a friend and felt frozen in my grief. During the session I felt the presence of my departed friend and began moving toward the healing of my grief.
     —Libby Boone, (Taupiri, New Zealand)

There is not enough space anywhere to relate how I feel. I am better. I needed this for a long time.
     —Renee Michaelsen (San Jose, CA)

I have never experienced this before. I am in awe—feeling positive physical change.
     —Laura L. (San Jose)

Beautful, inspiring and powerful. The sounds induce a meditative state very quickly. The private session feels very balancing.
—Mariabruna Sirabella (Watsonville, CA)

Very powerful work. Truthfully, for a change I'm somewhat speechless.
     —Richard Bernstein (Aptos, CA)

Wonderful. Very easy to drop into alpha and theta.
     —Dawn Mazur (San Jose, CA)