Many of us during these monumental times are having energetic shifts in consciousness as never before experienced! The next few years promise to bring even greater shifts in awareness, offering untold opportunities for accessing mystical realms of creativity and healing. Are you ready?

The "fireworks" of this awakening experience, of incredible euphoria, intense kriyas (autonomic/spontaneous body movements), overwhelming sense of the breakdown/dissolution of ego along with all its accompanying pains and fears, etc., seems to—understandably—get more notice and interest in any discussion about "Kundalini Awakening."

However, I can imagine that many of you may have also experienced the subtleties of Her sublime “dance” in our bodies and psyches…the exquisite micro-movements of the divine current!

The fireworks of Kundalini euphoria are amazing/wonderful when She wishes to dance wildly in our bodies, but I would venture to say that in Her subtlety, Her presence is just as powerful, if not more so…delicious reverberations that draws the awareness deeply within…echoing on and on!

Mind, body, breath, bliss…it all balances delicately as on the tip of a needle! The body then has an innate knowing of how to maintain and expand the current of Kundalini. It feels like liquid light, nectar that can be pushed, pulled, squeezed through the spine, body and limbs.

And of course, the connection can be lost for awhile through the million distractions that vie for our attention through the day. But just as easily as it can be lost, the connection can be resumed again. It is just behind all sensations. It’s just a matter of allowing ourselves to feel and acknowledge Her presence in subtlety!

I believe that the power in mantras (sacred sanskrit prayers) are in the overtones. In overtone singing (or throat singing), the overtones or harmonics seem to float over the fundamental note being sung. They sound ethereal…and the effects can be felt in the body, ranging from relaxing to ecstatic.

The fine vibrations of the overtones seem to create “suggestions” or “echoes” of sensations, exquisitely felt in the spine and in the body as Bliss. Here is a sample of a recording that I did using overtones of the voice:

Mantra of Blessing:

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External link opens in new tab or windowOm-Ah-Hum

This Mantra, when chanted and/or listened to, purifies (Hum) all negative energies. "Ah" is the all-embracing principle. "Om" increases and magnifies this transformed energy.

If you’d like to experience (and feel) the power of vocal overtones for yourselves, I offer a External link opens in new tab or window "Connecting With the Bliss Resonance" free session that will allow you to viscerally experience the wider playing field of bliss and creativity.