Mentorship Program to Awaken Your Unique Creativity and

The Bliss Response in the Body Using Vocal Resonance

The keys to an Ecstatic YOU! are in your vocal cords! Through my Ecstatic YOU! program, I help participants give voice to what wants to be born in their lives and to viscerally experience themselves as the ecstatic embodiment of their newly found passion!

Through the Ecstatic YOU! Program of Vocal Resonance:

  • Experience your body as a Bliss generating machine!

  • Luxuriate in the naturally occurring Ecstatic Response in the spine

  • Awaken magic and enchantment in your everyday lives

  • Be danced by Bliss!

  • Transform feelings of sadness and grief into beautiful manifestations of your creative gifts

This transformative program gives you:

  • “Getting to Your Aha! Moment” visceral connection with your primal Bliss Resonance

  • 50-minute one-on-one  “Embody Your Bliss” sessions  to “fine-tune,” ground and deepen your body/mind experience of the Ecstatic YOU!

  • “Getting to Your Ecstatic ‘Wow! Deep Dive Workshop/Play Day

  • Online Video Trainings:

    Feeling sublime sensations in the spine through Vocal Resonance

    The Serpent Dance – Being Danced By Bliss

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If you have any questions regarding the Ecstatic YOU! Program, please contact me. I offer a free consultation that will be of great value to you whether we decide to work together or not.

We can set a date and time to talk via phone or Skype. I would be honored to connect with you!

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