"I'm so happy and grateful for meeting Bruce at a workshop - just participating in the workshop was a transformative, trauma-releasing and healing experience. I knew immediately that I wanted to work with Bruce one-on-one. When I signed up to work with him, I wasn't really clear on my intention, but it became clear that put in words 'changing the relationship with my life force' was my goal. I cannot imagine a better guide on this journey than Bruce. He's a gentle, extremely intuitive guide that will give you options and point you in the right direction whenever needed.  I now have a completely different relationship with my life-force (it's amazing when you start to feel the awakening), and have new rituals and tools in my toolkit to use for years to come. If you're thinking of working with Bruce, just go for it. He truly goes above and beyond!"
—Johanna Lundström (San Jose, California)

“Bruce, your teachings have been like life speaking to me, inviting me back home to my true ecstatic nature. As a child, I was trained not to feel. Working with you has allowed me to tap into very subtle feelings. It has been good to discover the goodness and rightness of play in the form of noticing, allowing the ecstatic - so subtle and yet powerfully there. This work makes everything different Bruce. And your voice is a wonderful invitation into the space of energetic being.” 

—Dr. Suzanne Moss (Canberra,  Australia)

“Bruce, it was an absolute privilege and blessing that I had the fortune to cross paths with you!  I can't begin to properly thank you.  Truly.  I will continue to put into action the heart-mind practices, philosophies, and attitudes we discussed over the months.  I'm especially curious to experiment with the visualizations and associated feelings with the spirit of play.  
You are a wonderful gift to this world, thank you Bruce!”
—Sandeep Ramesh (New York City)

“Very powerful work. Truthfully, for a change I'm somewhat speechless.”

—Richard Bernstein (Aptos, CA)

“Absolutely amazing, powerful, wonderful.”

—Mallika Beach-Mebrotra (Campbell, CA)

“It really moves the energy quite a bit; helps remove blocks.”

—Patrick Brumm (San Jose, CA)

“I have never experienced this before. I am in awe - feeling positive physical change.”

—Laura Larios (San Jose)

“It was wonderful and I believe I may have released some neck pain.”

—Rosie White (San Jose, CA)

“Thank you so much for your compassionate presence, as much as for the beautiful bowls. Feels expansive and calming--much improved over when I walked in.”

—Laurie Hammond (San Jose, CA)

“Amazingly uplifting. A spiritual experience beyond compare!”

—Kate Riser (Campbell, CA)

“The continual practice of making sound in a group was exactly what I wished for. I walk away with steps to practice so I can incorporate harmonics into my daily life. The teaching was gentle, spirited and convincing. Thank you!”

—John Malloy (Palo Alto, CA)

“I really enjoyed the combination grounding work, sound vibration and bowl vibration.”

—Mia Tagano (Palo Alto, CA)